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Welcome to Writing Tank, the place for your poetry.  Putting into words what was not there before is a voyage of discovery for many a creative spirit.

Personally I have always enjoyed finding out where words came from – excavating their etymological roots and appreciating the rich literary soil without which growth could not take place.  In addition we need ongoing refreshment from the scattered showers and sporadic torrents of experience.  I hope this web site provides an environment that allows you to grow fresh seeds of new verse.

Seeking to nurture my own writing voice, I have embarked on a degree course at Bristol University: a BA in English Literature and Community Engagement.  This should quench my own thirst for understanding and deepen the experience I can share with you.   Added to that I am joining an MSc in using Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes and bringing it to life in the work I do with recovering addicts.

I do encourage you to sign up for our free newsletter, if only to obtain a copy of the bonus free e-book I’ve compiled for you. Please feel free to circulate it to your friends with an invitation to co-create 🙂

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