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Ted Hughes claims that since man ‘first grew this enormous surplus of a brain’, he has struggled to ‘truly possess his own experience’ and has invented religion to facilitate the process in other men, but to do it for himself he had to invent ‘art – music, painting, dancing, sculpture, and the activity which includes all these, which is poetry.’ [Poetry in the Making, p. 124.]

Art forms can intertwine.  Ekphrasis is one such weaving, where Ek is Greek for ‘out...



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On Sunday, neglecting the community of my Quaker Meeting, I was in spirit to write poetry. Strange; I had dreamt about community but when I woke up, all knowledge of what kind of community had departed.

Perhaps the Sunday timing was a hangover from the traditional Christian church in which I was brought up.  Cultures can create conformity, which I as an adolescent was diverted from by my great aunt, who took me to her Quaker meeting in Bristol.  It was not rebellion: rather a natural...



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I snapped a wizened twig off my grapevine and let it speak to me.


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While working with Somali children in a primary school, I was instructed to use phonetics to teach five-year-olds English.  Subsequently I was introduced to an online resource of the sounds our letters make by a speech therapist in Chicago.  The World Atlas of Language Structures Online contains a wealth of information about consonants we obtain, using different formations of tongue and teeth to communicate.  A brief inquiry into my Viking ancestry aroused my curiosity into the harsh sounds...



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‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all’ wrote Keats ‘Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.’ (


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“People just want to be entertained,” I have been told.  Maybe.  I suppose that is what the current epidemic of Facebook Live and YouTube videos are for.  Whilst I try to tune in to contemporary media, film is not my chosen mode of communication.  Writers may want to gain a deeper understanding of their own experience.

‘Hi, Story!  How’s it going?’

‘Rubbish; I feel unwell.’

‘Anything I can do?’

‘Can’t talk to you right now.’


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Those acrostics can be a bit like a crossword puzzle or mind game.  Each of mine is fourteen lines of ten syllables; they may not be poetry.  Ancient Greek defines poesis [ποίησις] as ‘the activity in which a person brings something into being that did not exist before’, whereas in Latin it is more to do with divination: finding what is. Seamus Heaney wrote:

The Diviner




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Paradox permeates our lives, often emerging in emotional explosion, whether of tears or laughter.  Poetry often gives voice to heightened emotion.  It can be a relief to know that in our mind-ruled world, something bubbles below the surface.  Below the façade of equanimity we are encouraged to nurture our hearts beat.

Here  is an extract from Sir Philip Sidney’s novel, The Countess of Pembroke’s Arcadia, Book 2[1]  written around 1580:




Blessed Festivities!

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Guided meditation is all over the Web.  Some of it is wonderful but I often need to separate myself from the internet in order to connect to the earth. I like to place myself at the edge of a cliff on the Bristol Downs: my perch with the peregrines.  They also nest on the precipice to give their offspring a safe haven from which to learn the skies that are not limiting them.  I am volatile and would love to fly off to imaginary worlds.  Would that my wing sprockets would evolve!