Plog 23rd August 2010

August 23rd, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

In my last blog I was talking about the tensions as we strive for balance between conflicting ideas.

For me, it is love that provides the capacity to unite the paradox into a talk we can walk with.   You bore with me while I indulged the Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee of the tension before connection.  I wonder what you thought . . . 

Poetry is a means to create an artform of expressing our views and there is so much choice of method.  Slightly concerned that I may have lost you in my ponderous poem that was reaching epic proportions, like some long gone ballad of baleful length, I shortened it into a sonnet:

              wor+l+d            1+1=3

You can get lost in your own little word
To the point where you no longer hear it
Where thoughts against thoughts for naught turn to turd
And you’ve gained no sustenance from the stink.

Where the double you battles – internal……….. W
Infernal bickering, with gormless “Oh”…………. O
Wanting the enlightenment of an “Ah”…………. R
Like Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee you spar… D

They each vie for love. You hear them inside
They muffle the compass of your heart beat
When push comes to shove, they each need a guide
To join the ‘wor’ to the ‘d’ is a feat
For ‘l’, where exquisite love is unfurled.
We can get found in our collective world

                  wor+l+d           1+1=3

I would be interested in hearing your views on which format suits the content best.  It is often tricky for a solitary writer to know what their readers will value.  Did they ‘get it’?

So the ball is in your court.  If you have any feedback on what you think of this exercise, or indeed on the content of the concept, drop us a line . . .

My next blog will focus on the controversial arithmetic demonstrated above.  Details are available at

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