Insufferable butterflies!

December 16th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

An insufferable reflection landed on me this morning.  Sundays seem to be predisposed for that in my life at the moment and my subconscious takes the day of rest as an excuse to party!

What had been weighing on my soul throughout a busy week was the difficulty of a heart and mind, or perhaps more specifically blood and brainpower, to cooperate  when unders siege from a swarm of antibodies.  The specifics of the chemical sabotage may not be important.  What I would like to employ healing words to do is engage with the ugliness and guide it through to a state of well being I can vitalize.

Here is the poem:

I suppose what I would now like to do is work on the poem.  It is possible to make any of these double acrostics rhyme.  Of course end-of-line rhyme is unlikely owing to the need to end with specific letters, using a kind of crossword puzzle mentality; I often navigate using a mid-line rhyme; so that is one possibility.  It would instill more of a pulse to the poem.  Please let me know if you have ideas for other structural changes.

In the case of this particular poem, there is a more fundamental link I might work on.  You can see that the butterfly wings converge with the words ‘Ambivalent Mind’, from which sprout the two versions of a ‘Distressed Body’.  This is a real internal dialogue between cognition and somatic response.  Poetically – and it might work physically as well if I give it the chance – I would like to try extending the line between body and mind, from the left margin to the centre of the page, and encourage it to reach out towards teh right-hand margin in synthesized movement.  Do you see where I am heading?  I would like the words to help align my frustrated metabolism.

This may all be ‘pie in the sky’ to you readers.  Please tell me if there is something you would rather I worked on.  Does anyone want to participate in this discussion?

I look forward to hearing your comments.

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