Olympic Ode Medallist!

November 1st, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Many thanks to the photographer: Paulo Miguel Oliveira Santos.

‘Friendship’ – Many thanks to the photographer: Paulo Miguel Oliveira Santos.

Thank you to everyone who sent in a poem.

The winner of the Ode challenge is Susana Alloi in Sicily. Congratulations!  The Mediterranean air must be conducive to poetics.  Your poetry calendar is on its way to you.

Ode to the Olympic Games

The human race had just been born
The air was clean and thin
when someone thought it would be best
to challenge and to win.

Olympia was the city’s name
that first saw trials and aims
and it turned out so well
that named Olympic Games

Sweat and pain for any man
that last earned fame and glory
the challenge was for who was best
remaining in the story

Revenge on birth and death
that men would not accept
by one brave deed
would be forgiven
thus immortality being kept.

Centuries have passed
but man will never change
this need of immortality
will always be his aim.

© Susana Alloi

The first line tells us we are involved in a legend of creation. Iambic tetrameter and trimester mark out our track with balanced rhythm and in the thin air of an elevated setting, we are invited to consider our competitive nature. On your marks . . .

Here precedents are set in the heat of civic contest, but something must have gone right for continuation of the striving for supremacy. A whole spectrum of instincts are ushered in with sweat and challenge: revenge, forgiveness and immortality.

Not only for the winner is perpetuity sought after. The Games themselves have earned a permanent fixture in our travels through the planets.

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Again, thank you to everyone who entered this contest and well done to the winner!

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  1. susana
    3. November 2012

    There is an old story I would like to share with you,that really strikes the cords of my heart.A person while walking through a countryside,slips down a very deep gorge.At some point,her fall is stopped by a plant in the middle of the rocks.She grasps the plant with all the strength in her body and realizes that at least she is alive.In this desperate situation she can’t help but see a beautiful rare flower.Sha wpould have never seen it otherwise.

  2. susana
    3. November 2012

    Poetry is just like this beautiful flower.In the desperate situation of humanity,man has always been saved by higher gifts of the universe..one being..the expression of feelings that only words can interpret.I am sure that you have all seen your beautiful rare flower..if so..we are all winners.Believe in yourself and the universe gives back with love.

  3. susana
    3. November 2012

    I would like to thank you all for this great opportunity and experience.Sicily did enspire my thoughts. It is a magical place where you can breathe myth at every breath, and if you close your eyes,time has never passed.While I was thinking about this amazing experience I realized that this poem came to me naturally..already made in the universe..only waiting to be picked up.

  4. Katrina
    3. November 2012


    It is wonderful that you can be a channel for a flow of spiritual energy. Thank you for sharing with us your innate connection with the roots of rare beauty.

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