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Here is a poem, which my computer tells me I wrote at the age of fourteen:




Awe-stricken like a trusting idiot

Bawling cavalier caterwauls the child

Disturbed from angelic sleep with a lot

Of dismal round headed judgment, beguiled.

Through eyelids of demi-onion slices

In turgid beetroot shell sucks acute sense

Trap doors open, transcending all prices –

Crimson indignation of innocence.


Home work!  Hurry!  An academic thrill

Of examination preparation

Techniques.   But somewhere lost within the drill

Inalienable right to freedom

Of thought is dismissed as ignorance through

Regurgitation of standard textbook

Formulae – because Daddy said: Go to

The Knowledge College.  Stalemate by rook.


If in some intellectual pursuit

Of recognition for intelligence

You too could centrifugally exude

Such a sense of need in the present tense

As you centripetally absorb the

Platitudes of great masters, receptive

To none that do not have tradition of

Time on their side, my friend, you would not give

Quite such a stamp of approval to those

Adults anxious with their own ambitions

That dare to feed the child on fragile hopes

With the weary excuse:  But Darwin said . . .


I was pleasantly surprised by this effort.  I know I was studying War Poetry at the time and borrowed the form from Wilfred Owen’s ‘Dulce et Decorum Est’, 1917.    Its 28 lines are grouped like a double-sized sonnet.


Would any of you like to experiment with doubling or halving the sonnet form?  I’d be interested to hear:


a)      If you have done. Please post your work on the Uni-verse page of this site at Feel free to post any of your poems.


b)      If my poem raises any response from you.  I’d be interested to hear.


c)      If you have any other ideas about how to alter the shape or size of traditional poetic forms, without destroying the proportionality.


I hope you are enjoying the season in the United States’ National Poetry Month.


As usual, if you have any comments or suggestions, drop me a line,





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