Plog 1st May 2011

May 1st, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

April was the month of the lion on the calendar on my wall and I shall miss him now I have turned over the page because it sparked the following poem:


Sand dunes of dignity roll over flesh

And impunity prowls on the rampage.

Lagoons beg for love; while serpents enmesh

On the plateau, from which they spring, savage.

Mohican Medusa, His Majesty,

With wisdom’s wonder in wide, wistful eyes

And hair-raising sunflower alchemy

Wakes horizons of heart-melting surprise.

Paws toy with air as though it could react

Elemental powers are familiar.

As summoning strength, cub-hood is hijacked

In the hunt every risk is similar.

Catapulting limbs descend on their prey

In the same call-to-action as the jaws.

Lunch will be partaken of come what may

It uses each ligament of all fours.

Sultry assurance, the undergrowth’s charm,

Can take every event in its stride.

Ginger ungingerly catwalks, unarmed,

Stalking through stalks to his pride.

April was also National Poetry month in the United States, and Jayne Jaudon Ferrer entertained Your Daily Poem readers with a Poetry Parade each day in April, ending with a procession of poems from her subscribers on the following link:   They are in alphabetical order according to the poet’s surname so you can scroll down to see one of my poems at Plumb (that is why this blog is a Plog, in case you were wondering).

Anyhow, I hope May is treating you well and as usual, if you have any comments or suggestions, please drop me a line


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