Plog 20th October 2012

October 20th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Thanks to Jerry Pope for sharing this image, which together with ‘Mankind’ a medieval play by an unknown playwright – possibly a monk – inspired the following poem:

The Metamorphosis

A knight with wingèd armour – dragonfly

prepares to commit heavy trunk adorned

in gleaming metal trumpets heraldry

with pert skirt-like escarbuncle in faulds

Alone in hallowed channels, as yet bald

of wings, awakening in rays of sun,

to grace the atmosphere, uplifted flight

cocooned no more in towelling.  Begun

the counterbalance of heavy and light.

Begun the calibration of the limbs

begun the photosynthesis of power

begun resilience that never dims

triggered to shoot forth singing sacred hymns

blossoming beauty –  petals on a flower

uncowering like stalks in bulbs with poise

within protection of the cocoon’s tower

To grace the air with resonance not noise

and yet reverberating subtle threads

of fragile strength still learning all the joys

of freedom from conjunction to leaf-beds

To grace the air with unseen tractor treads

their imprint not external but in stalk

of winter leaf-mould-like skeletal wings

at one with nature, learning not to walk.

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