Plog 23rd April 2011

April 23rd, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

Here’s a more uplifting poem I wrote:


We can dance on the deck
As the waves crash the bows
And our feet make the beat
Of the drums.

Then collapse on the boards
That your sweater reflects
By its stripes – blue and white
With accord.

Peach blossom gilds our hopes
And the twilight is vast
For a voyage to another realm.
If you show me the ropes
I shall master the mast
And glide on, knowing you’re
At the helm.

It’s not the waves I’ve got to watch, it’s you.

Shall we capsize?

When I wrote this I was thinking of castanets. If you say the word ‘castanet’ repeatedly, you will hear the triple beat that dominates the poem. As a writer I found myself punching out the rhythm almost subconsciously; but on a conscious level, it is interesting to look back and notice where the rhythm is broken:

For a voyage to another realm.

Then there is the very English iambic pentameter of :

It’s not the waves I’ve got to watch, it’s you.

Could that be the superego talking?
I don’t know – luckily someone with more spirit speaks up:

Shall we capsize?

The waves are licking the lips of the vessel.

Does anybody else notice poems instilled with different languages, cultures or instruments?  I would be interested to hear your views.

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