Plog, 27th July 2013: Who Cares About the Evens?

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Who cares about the evens?


All the odds are in my favour.
Who cares about the evens . . . ?

Well, actually, perhaps I am beginning to.  Recently, my energy levels seem to have fluctuated.  On odd days of the month I have plenty, but this depletes to a trace on even days.  The result is that my unreliable vitality is at least becoming more predictable, and in order to maintain my improved general health without insulin, I plan to work with this.

On a social and professional level, it is frustrating because my input is halved.  Well, it is not halved exactly, but powerful on odd days of the month and non-existent on evens.  It will mean that in order to nurture my flow of energy, I shall need to start making use of my organisational capacity on a personal level.  This is entirely possible.

Let me tell you about an exercise I make use of in a Creative Writing for Personal and Professional Development on the first Thursday evening of every month in the Community Room at Asda Bedminster (everybody welcome, fro 7-9pm!)  It is free of charge and a good introduction to Lapidus: words for well being, where I work as the Regional Coordinator in the South West.

I learnt this exercise whilst training for an Advanced Certificate in Dramatherapy – so many thanks to Rachel Perry for letting me use it.  It is called TOOL: theatre of our lives.  The rules are fairly simple:

i.        We choose two subjects, such as ‘High’ and ‘Low’.

ii.        Each person spends five minutes filling one side of loose-leaved paper with a stream of consciousness on the first topic: High.

iii.        Take a break – touch your toes, drink some water, refresh your inspiration for the next step.

iv.        Spend another five minutes uploading a stream of consciousness on the opposite subject: Low.

v.        That is the work done.  Relax.

vi.        The interesting part of the fun is when you witness your internal dialogue played out by two of your collaborators – but only if you want to!

vii.        You can hand each of your pages to different participants: ones you would be happy to play your ‘High’ and ‘Low’ characteristics.

viii.      ‘High’ reads a line of your writing.

ix.        ‘Low’ responds with a line from the other sheet.

x.        Let the drama play itself out.

xi.        You can direct the play if you choose on the second performance.  This allows you to resolve any conflicts or encourage collaboration, with the timing of your words.

So far we have had great fun with this activity and people have given positive feedback.  Later on in the month, Lapidus has a visiting speaker from the East Midlands, who will lead us in a workshop on Storytelling.  With any luck I shall receive tips to incorporate into our regular Thursday evenings.

Unless anyone has any better ideas, I am contemplating working with the concepts of ‘Work’ and ‘Play’ on Thursday 1st August, 7-9pm.  Do come along with fresh thoughts if you’d like to.

I do care about the evens, but luckily these upcoming events are conveniently planned.  Storytelling will be on Sunday 18th, so this gives me time to work out a strategy for energy conservation.

I hope to see you there!



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  1. Dixie
    30. July 2013

    I LOVE this exercise idea! Lots of opportunity for reflection and observation of self as well as creative word play and concept development. So glad you shared it!

  2. Katrina
    31. July 2013

    and I’M so glad you found it, Dixie. If you feel inclined to let us know how it goes, we could start a conversation.

    In the meantime, if you would like an extra player, to voice your internal dialogue, give me a holler . . . that applies to all readers. It can be helpful to externalise a dilemma and hear it with a variety of outcomes, while you direct the show.


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