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It seems a long time since I shared my thoughts with you. Apologies – I have been engrossed in an Online Forum, where I have been reviewing other people’s poetry. It does stimulate my own, however, and here is an example of ekphrasis (when a piece of visual art stimulates poetic writing) I wrote recently.

Stephanie Clifton is a brilliant artist, who runs JoyDreaming Life Art Studios at This is her painting, entitled ‘After the Breakdown’. I was unaware of the title when I wrote the poem, you will find below, and when I realized I was apologetic, thinking I may have trampled inconsiderately over territory I was not invited into, but Stephanie is a professional artist. She knows that when she releases her artwork for the world, people will interpret it in their own way.

After the Breakdown

I dive. Self-absorbed in chaos. Sky dive.
An Alice-in-Wonderland departure.
Around me, the houses take a tumble.
Medicine bottles dispense placebos
But I will not cough up my phlegm for them.

I dive. Fixated on my destiny.
My destiny not to take part in this.
This medicated deception. I fly.
Upside down and tied with ribbon she falls,
Only ever a caricature shriek.
My character’s intact. I value it.

And around me magic mushrooms expand.
Coat-stands billow the clouds of atmospheres
Above in the ether – or perhaps down
In the seabed with the anemones.

I dive. There are rocks below, or buttocks.
Everything has now taken on its own
Quality, but that is ambiguous.
Perhaps I am the only straightforward
Entity. A small estate agent waves.

And a dessert spoon measures out milkdrops
While the mixing bowl pours milk free-flowing
From the other side. Numerous roses
Reveal rich crimson. Deep and dancing scent.
Another falls, younger, with a balloon.

My hands are joined as if in prayer. I dive.
Curious symbols descend from the cloud.
I too descend and it’s deliberate.
Within my bones, within my joints, there is
an upthrust. Although I seek not to be
above anyone, like this I am buoyant.

That may say more about me than about Stephanie, but let’s discuss the relationship of art to artist and interpretation to observer. I am now working on a poem for a Paul Klee painting. If you have been inspired by art or sculpture to write, why not share your views? It does not have to be poetry. John Ruskin wrote impressive poetic prose, on seeing the work of Joseph Mallord William Turner.

Your Turn Now . . .

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  1. Henry York
    28. April 2012


    Oh! To escape this awakened
    Dream; captivating vision forcing
    Deranged screams. Trapped in rueful
    Designs, mesmorising images of a decadent
    Kind, pulverising my thoughts; agonising
    Faint, desecrated heart. Transformed
    With nightmarish alacrity; so quick it
    Decidedly overwhelms me. There is an escape route, guarded by that uncompromising brute
    Fostered in self-inflicted amnesia. A Horrible belligerent beast called insomnia
    Deigns not to let me sleep; so I sit here, Left to uncontrollably weep

    Henry York (copyright: April, 2012. Insomnia)

  2. Katrina Plumb
    28. April 2012

    Thank you, Henry! You are blessed with a stream of word power, you are able to mobilise for every occasion.

  3. what are healthy foods
    22. April 2013

    Love it. Thank you for writing that. I will come back to find out more and tell my neighbors about this website.

  4. Katrina
    22. April 2013


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