Plog 29th April 2012

April 29th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Yesterday I told you I was composing a poem for Paul Klee. Here is the picture I love. My aunt gave me a print when I was tiny, so I have stared at it for a long time and below is the poem it has just evoked in me:

Ambivalence and ambiguity
Speak from lopsided, squinting irises
Preserving a strange perpetuity
Of whirling nerves that the water-mill sieves
Through the turning of turbine transactions,
Tempestuous transitions at their best.
The circular rhythm a prism of
Rectilinear communication

From one flat face to another twisted
Receptor of social conditioning
Pig twister, whose snout holds the clout – tick box
In fox red smelly background playing chess
This plate of human inhumanity.
Can it ever make a transformation?

Sorry if that’s a bit stark. I find the painting quite haunting; but what have I missed out? I wanted to talk about the way the shoulders look like a table top, supporting the plate of a head . . . the way the chess-board nose resembles the tick-boxes that most of our laws are governed by . . . the way light plays games – allowing one eye to look directly ahead, while the other is weighed down by clouded pressure from above. There are so many potential interpretations. I’d be interested in yours.

Below I am inserting a double acrostic I wrote to illustrate how repetition can help us reexamine ingrained conditioning. Your comments on that are also welcome.

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  1. Robbie Byrd
    10. May 2012

    Katrina this is extraordinary work. I love Klee and the painting you posted.
    the poem you wrote is utterly brilliant. I also read your acrostic poem which is remarkable and worthy of high praise. I do not critique but I can let you know how much I like your work. you are.very intelligent and I am so happy that you like my poems.

    Robbie Byrd

  2. Robbie Byrd
    10. May 2012

    I am having trouble getting this to post. Perhaps I put my comments in the wrong place.

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