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Well, thank you, Dondi, for that exercise in distillery. It is brewing up powerfully for New Year’s Eve!
This morning, I was delighted to read the words of some of my best friends on your discussion and with just enough self-importance, I selected my own theme word: inclusion.

To recap for anyone who has not yet read yesterday’s Plog, Dondi Scumaci suggested: ‘If you could choose one word as a theme for 2012, what would it be?’ and I began to ponder the bewildering choice with a sonnet, which this morning extended into a forty-eight line poem:


If you could choose just one word as a theme
For 2012, what would it be?
‘Hypothetical’ but this is no dream
Nor academic enterprise. We’re free.
If I could choose one word for twenty twelve
When all about me are unliking theirs
And calling it communication – shelve
Facebook – but bless the big wide world it shares.

Acceptance without compromise – Essence
Likewise – Implementation – Namaste
Disambiguation – Wild – and Loving
Not hung up by decisions and not tense
The wise of twenty thirteen show the way
The Harmony, the Fugue the Meaning.
Mainly this assignment is hard because
It involves responsibility: choice.

If I could choose one word as a theme for
The year two thousand and twelve it would be
Patient enough to support me with more
Options as the year unfolds mystery
But resolute in my microcosm
And upright in my meditation. Light
From above inhabiting the column
Of my spine, powered and powering: write.

If I could choose one word as a theme for
The year so imminently upon us
It would have to include a metaphor
For the inclusion transcending the fuss
Of equalities policies that make
It a contradiction in its own terms
Nothing wrong with policies – but the cake
Tastes better before it’s cooked. Freedom burns.

You know what I’m thinking, don’t you? The word
Inclusion holds fusion that could keep me
Integrating the essences I’ve heard
In the winds of nature – wild love is free
As the storm, which both snarls and rejoices
Ever filtering my true acceptance
So that I can choose one of these voices
Percolated beyond ambivalence.

Inclusion: If I could use brevity
As successfully as Kipling, this verse
Would be two stanzas shorter. Levity
Permits acknowledgement it could be worse.
Conclusion: thank you for your time my friend
May the year two thousand and twelve enhance
Your prospects as limitations can mend
With inclusion to implement the dance.

Now you can see my eagerness not to overlook all the words I explore:

Hypothetical was not a real possibility.  It springs from the Smart Aleck, who wants to prove that the question was impossible, when really it was just defending itself against the responsibility of answering.  I mean, what does it signify: ‘this is no dream’?  If not, why not?  Possibilities must inhabit a dreamscape, or we’d be reduced to what exists and we could never develop.  Likewise, freedom does not exclude academia; they have to be encouraged to interact.

Unliking is a pet dislike of mine.  I continually have to remind myself of the advances of FaceBook before I Unfriend the whole system.

Verse two is the main course of my quandary.   Here are the words that are really making my blood flow this cold December morning; but no single word seems to express the intertwining power of my thoughts.  This forces me to begin with a phrase: acceptance without compromise.  Do you see the dilemma?  The need to include new possibilities without diluting the essence of what I would like to impart?

Much deliberation for one line . . . Likewise is an old-fashioned word – a bit Humpty-Dumpty-like.  As discrete syllables, nothing could be more beautiful than something both likable and wise.  Wistfully, I imagine FaceBook might appreciate the currency of a word both likable and sagacious; but perhaps something would be lost in the popularization.  I would be interested in your comments below: does wide circulation have to involve false dichotomies?  You know what I mean – like / unlike etc.   Implementation is so important for us dreamers, to save getting lost in our own little word . . . one year soon, but not tomorrow (Ha! avoided procrastination).

English does not hold a word for namaste.   What it loses in the omission, it gains in the borrowing, and it means ‘from that place in me which is sacred in me to that place that is sacred in you’, at least that is how my yoga teacher describes it.  Disambiguation is a great fourteen-letter word, begging me to transform it into an acrostic.  Wild is the instinct we would act on if we trusted our spirits enough.  Then loving I  tacked on at the end; hopefully it infuses the whole.

Harmony and fugue hint at my desire to spend more time with music next year.  To join them up with meaning is another dream.

Hopefully the rest of the poem is self-explanatory.  My lifetime endeavour seems to be to integrate care with curiosity in a manner that does justice to both, and you really cannot do that in a hurry.  I have various idiosyncratic beliefs I have no intention of discarding until a wholely better alternative rises to the surface.  Rather than be overwhelmed by the conflict, I use creative words to empower both myself and others.

In November, I was appointed to serve on the committee of Lapidus South West: creative words for health, well being and personal development.  The idea is so exciting to me that I am tempted to submit Lapidus as my theme-word for 2012; but I’d like to use plain English; so inklusion it is – as the sky of 2011 turns from paper to ink.

2012 – ZOIZ – Zoom Out.  It’s Zestful!

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  1. Dondi Scumaci
    31. December 2011

    You’ve added such a beautiful dimension to this process, and I love where you landed. Thank you for conributing so much to this discussion.

  2. Katrina
    1. January 2012

    I met Dondi at Make An Impact Live! in October 2010 and the message she left me with is ‘Intentionally refill yourself using a mentor.’ When I got home from Chicago, I had been offered a job as a Creative Writing Mentor at St Vincent’s Housing Learning and Guidance.

    The advice is excellent – we should all do it. I seem to have cohorts of mentors on both sides of the Atlantic, and I’m wishing you all a prosperous 2012 – and if you ever want Creative Writing inspiration, drop me a line!

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