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In my last Plog, I told you I was going to elaborate on a new form of poetry I invented last Wednesday 1st August: the Katrina.  Self-aggrandizement is the order of the day.   If you are disinterested in technical detail, please jump to my example; you can always come back to see how it works at a later date.

Sestinas are a known form of poetry, performed by the Troubadours in the twelfth century; so there is quite a tradition of such poetic patterns.   Basically, there are six stanzas of six lines each plus a single line containing the end-words of each of the lines.  In addition, the stanzas systematically take first the last, then the first end-words of the previous stanza, followed by the penultimate and second end-words, and so on, as the last words in the line.  It all sounds very technical and is easier to see in an example:

Using this pattern, I started to write a seven-line Heptina, expecting it to have seven seven line verses and then a shorter concluding stanza.  When I mapped out the pattern, hoowever, it went like this:

abcdefg gafbecd dgcaefb bdfgeca abcdefg, which had brought us back to where we started from; so I decided to have four seven line stanzas and a single line containing the end words of each of the other lines.    Here it is:


Some people stagnate and struggle but keep
On persisting. The cheerful stay active
It is the happiness of pursuit – to
Access internal resources and reach
The Pierian Spring of essence. It
Bubbles up through the stagnation with new
Power to guide towards alignment.

Myself:- I cannot impose alignment
from without. It is fundamental. Keep
returning to reflection and see new
possibilities emerging, active
in your observation. Feel it
empower your bone marrow, charged up to
drive the actions you have placed within reach.

Always towards your own truth you must reach
But do not overstretch your alignment.
Certainly not because I told you to.
But only if heart, mind and body keep
Your compass pointing the way, and when it
Directs you from yoga to pastures new
From mirror to miracle, be active!

Passion to action; passive to active
The sort that does not listen when I preach
But always seeks that which to you is new
Without dismissing current alignment
When you find the truth you radiate it.
And we all benefit from the power to
Acknowledge the learning as what to keep.

Keep active to reach it:- new alignment.

Of course, it is always possible to insert some rhyme for an added challenge.  Actually my first one did that; but I felt it detracted from the power of the poem.  I may post it below this Plog to demonstrate what I mean – but I’d be much more interested in seeing what you have got to say – about Sestinas, Tritinas, or any other sort of poem that follows this pattern.  The self-aggrandizement is ended now.  Welcome to the world of poetic form.

Please drop me a line if you have any comments or suggestions, or if I may be of help.

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  1. Katrina
    5. August 2012

    For anyone interested in the creative process of my original experiment with this form, here is my first Katrina, written first thing in the morning on Wednesday 1st August 2012:

    The Katrina

    What’s the difference between poems and prose?
    I try to determine if anyone
    Knows; and subjectively they all tell me
    Funnily enough theirs is a poem.
    Free verse is the stuff of initiates.
    ‘Knowing how to write one a special skill’
    States the poet. ‘Please do not lose the plot.’

    Alright, my friend, let the storyline plot
    This reader’s direction of travel. Prose
    Not poetry is the paragon. Skill
    Chosen without form so that anyone
    Will understand not just initiates.
    Fun in the freedom. What’s in it for me?
    Crates of the distilled juice of a poem.

    Who is to say what is not a poem?
    Does your license cover the legal plot
    Going frantic when they plagiarize me?
    Not because they copied but because prose
    Freewheels while poetry initiates
    those new, unchartered oceans using skill
    The Greats always had before anyone.

    And why should the Greats curtail anyone
    Just because their pen reached first the poem?
    Tons of later people had equal skill
    Flowing from nibs to reach the page with plot
    Quilled by the keyboard which initiates
    Hot predicative texting that bothers me
    Fates are in the almighty microprose.

    Prose skill initiates me one poem plot.

  2. Katrina
    5. August 2012

    . . . and the technicalities of it . . .

    +single line with ABCDEFG in any order

    A = prose
    B = anyone
    C = me
    D = poem
    E = initiates
    F = skill
    G = plot

    . . . as an aside, in the poem in the Plog above, an acronym of final line is my name:
    Keep active to reach it:- new alignment.
    🙂 Katrina

  3. Cecil Lyme
    17. August 2012

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