Plog 5th September 2012

September 5th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Last Thursday I was playing electronic squash.  It is a curious game.  Here is how I play it:

First I write two columns of seven letter words.  In this case fearful healing is what I was intending to  achieve,                  so I put these words, in capitals, down the margins of my page and strung some ten-syllabled lines between them:

Then I took the second word as the first column of the next stanza.  I work with recovering addicts                                    and was in entrepreneurial spirit:

You can see that any two consecutive verses make up the fourteen lines of a sonnet.  Not everyone                          appreciates  those who stand out from the crowd, so ‘dilemma’ entered the arena and I continued:

Some people have an aversion to drama; but I am determined to shift perspectives a little, starting with my own:

In reality, I was inputting on Facebook, so had to insert these poems in reverse order.  I was working spontaneously and making them up as I went along.  So maybe I think back to front.

Verse and verse again.  It keeps me endlessly entertained.

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