Plog 9th September 2012

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O, Lymphic Ode!
A poet’s place is in the poem
So cut the chase and let it roam.
Hugging each character with grace
Unlimited by saving face
And let the leg ends sprint.

Olympic Odes revolve their host
From mountain range and coast to coast.
Pierian pulse in each explodes.
The spring of musing light makes roads
From twinkling chinks that glint.

Sometime a sonnet - letter power
Erupts within a leafy bower
Sometime upon the windy cliffs
The peregrine literature lifts
While image takes the hint.

I would I could convey the strength
Of wordly wisdom without length
To heal the wound with worldly love
Our sphere may borrow from above
Embedded in the splint.
9th September 2012 © Katrina
Please keep sending me your entries to my Olympic Odes competition.  These can be odes on any subject.
The Olympic Games may be a current inspiration, but please do not be restricted by rules.
If you would like a reminder of what an ode is, here is a link to my previous plog:

Have fun!

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