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Instant Sonnet

This is the page, where you type in a line. As soon as you’ve done so and pressed ‘submit’, a sonnet will appear, with your craftwork concluding a poem, co-created by poets from around the world. Give it a go!

In a sonnet, there are fourteen lines, so yours will appear at the end of the most recent thirteen we have received. If you would like to expand the poem to see who has written the various lines, you can press ‘show authors’ and details of the name and location of the writer will be revealed. It can be hidden again when you want to return to the poem and see it as a complete verse.

Here, we use as few rules as possible. It is important to voice your own truth without inhibition, but if you want some guidance, we can explore the options together 🙂

  • The moon jerked
  • I love you
  • I love you wish you was here
  • Once upon a time, in the forest
  • you are looking good
  • The ability to read complex texts in unsupported e
  • I took a walk around the lake
  • Raisin
  • Raisin, the cousin of a grape
  • What are those! shouted the largest moon cow
  • I walk the line
  • milk lining the rib
  • crazy chicken hunting man
  • And when they tell you "dream on" invite them to j

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