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What are we going to do here?

Let’s start by writing a line and see how it contributes to a collective poem from around the world.  An Instant Sonnet removes the stagnation of ‘writer’s block’ and gives us somewhere to start.  It also gives you fourteen lines for the effort of one, and you never know what to expect!

You may prefer to reflect before you submit, so I encourage advancing to  Versagility, where you can add your line to a developing poem, that other writers have started off.  This is co-creativity in action, in passion, in verse.

For feedback on a complete poem you have written, you are welcome to post it on the Uni-verse page, which any members can respond to.  Passwords are necessary for this activity, where constructive criticism is important.

To keep us from becoming too ponderous, Kids’ Corner is an arena for reliable rhythm and resonating rhyme.  Let’s each write a limerick and link them together so we can read the whole story in caterpillar form.


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