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Perhaps it would be more meaningful to see the foundations of the poem on which you are building.

In this section, I invite you to read the poem so far and add the next line to it. Please let us know your name and location, so we have a record of contributors. This allows you to expand the poem to see the authors, or contract it back to just the verse.

You may end up serving a rally of lines back and forth from the far reaches of the earth in a dynamic dance of the dialects. There are few limits to the power of language. Let’s get it in motion.

Versagility Poem – 08/16/10

  • To be a literary acrobat
  • Take a sharpened pen for your trampoline
  • And a ream for your safety mat.
  • Let letters twist and twine a line
  • Choreographing calligraphy can
  • Can stand the test of time.
  • With pen in hand soar to places once beyond your grasp.
  • Hit the roof. Make an impact. Somersault.
  • Not caring where you land.
  • But doing justice to each felt movement
  • On the balance beam of Life.
  • So let Us now peruse the floor twirl the quill; split some more
  • Leap with swirling words of grace
  • My love is just standing there, all alone
  • Hearts & feet dancing..dancing..
  • Yet love hardly all alone for passion never gone...
  • How can I confess to thee ,if I'm afraid.
  • Fear grows in the dark; so shine upon this page the light that from you emanates.
  • Noble point; let us not this fear anoint.
  • the large jar of jam and the peanut butter
  • the large fleshy skin coloired yube
  • Another day, more wonderful moments in time
  • so let the wonder permeate your pen

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