Choreographing Calligraphy

The Greek word ‘poesis’ means bringing into existence expressions, which did not exist before. ‘Choreographing Calligraphy’ is a collection of original poetry by Katrina Plumb. She works with society’s outcasts, creating an environment in which they can explore their emotions for the first time, and leave a verbal record of their experience. Double acrostics are a form, obliging the poet to combine care and curiosity conscientiously, and Katrina employs this framework to convey a wide variety of emotions, forever choreographing transformation in style. Katrina Plumb works with recovering addicts as a Creative Writing Mentor, whilst studying at Bristol University, en route to becoming a Poetry Therapist. She enjoys bringing into existence expressions that were not here before and has had a variegated life from which to draw. Double acrostics have held her fascination for the last few months, and Choreographing Transformation is a lifetime endeavor.