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Recently I was reading a post by Victoria Field, a Poetry Therapist, who inspires me.  She wrote: ‘There’s a human impulse to impose structure and experience on the world.’  Until I read her discussion, comparing conventional poetry with ‘talking poems’, I had not noticed what she calls ‘the neat turn of a traditional sonnet’.  That surprises me.  I thought I had been writing them for years.  It is always interesting to be given a new perspective on existing comprehension.


Another friend, who always gently catapults me into new ideas, Dixie Gillaspie, was deciding on a theme for her 2013 and the choice was between making friends with fear or learning to love the limelight.  As a result I wrote the words above.  Dixie decided they are the same thing: ‘befriending fear’ or  ‘learning to love the limelight’.  I shall be interested to find out which she chose.

I seem to have avoided choosing a theme for this year, but it may be ‘boundaries’, which I am keen to establish without limiting myself.  This is hard; not just dis-easy.


Many thanks to the photographer: Paulo Miguel Oliveira Santos.

‘Friendship’ photograph by Paulo Miguel Oliveira Santos.


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  1. Robbie Byrd
    12. January 2013

    This is absolutely amazing. I am going to attempt to write one. I am still working on my Viking poem. I hope you don’t mind my taking my time. I have been very busy of late. I adore your work Katrina which is always excellent and fascinating.


  2. Katrina
    12. January 2013

    It is great to see you here, Robbie.

    We are not even half way through January and I have a lot to learn about Viking expression. It takes a while to skip back a millennium and start chatting to those blustery warriors. Please do not be pressurized.

    Do let me know if I can be of any help with the acrostics – and thank you for joining me.


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