Kids Corner – 08/27/10

August 28th, 2010 Posted in Kid's Corner

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  1. Katrina
    29. August 2010

    I do not want to go to bed.
    I like to stay up late.
    I’m bouncing off the bedroom walls
    and, frankly, feeling great!

  2. etta watters
    2. September 2010

    let me tell you about aunt katrina,
    with her very poetic demeanour,
    one day her niece,
    wrote an excellent piece –
    so katrina’s demeanour was greener

  3. Katrina
    2. September 2010

    There once was a girl from Portobello
    Singing songs to canaries so yellow
    No rhymes to be had
    She enquired of her Dad
    And he tweeted “I’m a blank verse fellow”

  4. Katrina
    30. May 2011

    I’m told there’s a new kitten in your house
    Which may be in search of a mouse
    Or maybe its habit’s
    A danger to rabbits?
    Is it getting a name or a spouse?

  5. Lucy
    31. July 2011

    Going to bed can be fun
    at the end of a hard day’s run.
    To completely relax
    give up grinding the ax
    letting worries release by the ton.

  6. Lucy
    31. July 2011

    While sleeping, our dreams become real.
    We can fly, we can soar, we can deal.
    Accessing those powers
    back into waking hours
    can be done, not by thought, but by feel.

  7. daudazai
    1. August 2011

    In the puddle there is a cloud
    (Actually I can see a crowd)
    And I don’t know why
    For in the sky
    No puddle at all is allowed

  8. Ryan Russell
    13. January 2012

    in the winter,
    the paths are very icy,
    Mummy gives us warm pudding,
    its sweet and not,
    icky spicy

  9. Katrina
    13. January 2012

    Words are so clever.
    They bring us together,
    To share both our rhyme and our reason.
    From winter to spring, the sunshine we sing
    Makes a good day, whatever the season.

  10. Etta Watters
    21. January 2012

    there once was a pussy called muffin
    who liked to chase after small puffins
    he was a bit of a tease
    but caught them with ease
    that little black pussy called muffin

  11. Etta Watters
    21. January 2012

    there once was a young girl called Etta
    who is dopey but then again clever
    she walks in to walls
    she trips and she falls
    but with poems she’s a little bit better!

  12. Katrina
    21. January 2012

    It’s the ‘then again’ that we recall
    Not the dopey or even the small
    It’s the one who, when bruised,
    Keeps the ‘down’ and ‘up’ fused
    Elevating the words – one and all.

  13. Henry York
    12. April 2012

    So let Us now peruse the floor
    Twirl Our quill, split some more
    Such grace and movement will instill
    Cravings, yielding many a score
    Word is right, when shedding light
    Dare I inquire; the lion’s roar
    Poe’sy Avenue: illuminate and bright
    Flighted bird and now you soar
    The moral of this fleeting Is
    Feast your eyes; take your fill

    HY (Apr. 2012)

  14. Rosa Plumb Watters
    12. October 2012

    A spine-chilling wind
    the shimmering icicles
    crystallised snowflakes

  15. Katrina
    12. October 2012

    Hi my Scottish friend
    Cool words from frozen seaside
    Forming content wise.
    High cool and full of structure
    The insight makes the icing

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